Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ado-be-Gone #6 – A happy accident.

So, with this edition of my "Ado-be-Gone" you will realise it's rather similar to the previous one; as they both use flour. But with this one it was a complete accident.

The other week I bought some card letter-forms from hobbycraft as I liked the 'sort of helvetica' shape there are, as they were obviously modelled on a font, but made very sloppily and had now created a new sans serif of poor structure. I also bought them because are made from flammable material, so I could burn them in order to make a flame engulfed profanity!

As I arranged the letters in the kitchen on our huge chopping board, I opened the cupboard in the hope to find some sweets (which I unconsciously knew weren't there) and I accidentally knocked Gabriella's flour from the cupboard and it fell over my letters. I realise after a second of panic that I will have a cool negative typography layout on the chopping board, so I sprinkled a tad more down to raise definition of the letters and grabbed my camera.

Ironically, the words I was spelling out, is exactly what I said when I say 1kg of self-raising flour fell at me.


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