Saturday, 16 August 2014

Beautiful glyphs that I bet you've never used! #2

Second edition to the glyphs posters – and this time I've been a good post-modernist, looking very closely at Russian Constructivism for my main structural content.

I decided to tackle the one glyphs that I knew very little about, but knew when I saw it being used incorrectly. I have seen many people use the 'dagger symbol' as a Christian cross and it it's lowest the 'double dagger' be used as a replacement for the Yen currency symbol.

Whilst designing I stuck to using Akzidenz Grotesque as I felt it matched the style of not only Lizzitsky and Rodchenko but the whole style of the movement. I went traditional black and red, just to relate even more to the style. The sharp bold edges with straight lines really worked well with the diagonals and strong anchor points that Constructivism often holds; even if my poster contains about 400%  more text than the originals.

I would say Rodchenko would be proud, but I highly doubt it.


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