Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A first attempt at Letterpress!

So only yesterday, I had my first experience of making Typography via the method of Letterpress.
I honestly think I didn't do it as you would imagine—locking full paragraphs into cast iron frames.
I actually just printed a small quote using on of my favourite fonts in 48pt.

So after scouring around in the wooden plainchests I came across a draw with no label (as the others all had one) and it simple read "Futura" in half-faded pencil. I almost screamed, I really didn't think there would be many sets of Futura kicking around so I instantly looked for all the letters I needed.

The only problem with my Universities letterpress studio is that it's so poorly funded (if at all) that it has many missing letters and glphs, but luckily for me this set of 48pt Futura had most of it's set.

The final words of JMW Turner

I went with something very simple and only four words long; the last words of my favourite artist JMW Turner. Although this is very simple, I rather like it and as I was using one of my favourite fonts, to make a quote from one of my favourite artist; so I though I'll make an enigmatic statement with my two favourite glyphs.


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