Sunday, 9 November 2014

What I'm working on: Christmas OVERKILL Edition!

At the moment, I'm working on a tonne of things but I thought I'd let you lovely people know of a few, seeing as I haven't posted much all that recently.

Most recently I've been working on creating my website—this is a project set by the university but I'm going a tad overboard with it and started building it when it should really still be in the design stage, and it should be finished for the holidays. So as I'm doing that I though I'd share a few little snapshots.

Whilst doing this I have a few other things as well; I am working on creating a Christmas Panto poster for a local acting group, of which I'm likely to be making a large cardboard set and taking images in a stop motion style. (because clearly I can't have an animated poster) (but I would if I could)

I am also working with a class mate to set up a Christmas Zine & Print Fayre for members of the Grillust studio to sell and buy each others wares as they choose; it's also a constructive excuse to pocket some money and get intoxicated in the process. So yeah, sounding quite fun!
I'll post more info closer to the time, but look out for Grillustmas!

I am also making another Christmas poster—but this time for The Brickyard. I am continuing making the Motown & Soul night posters, but this time I get to make a Christmas one, so of course it's going to be cheesy as hell!

And as a final note, I've just finished a Swiss Design stlye Indie night poster and helped make one hella cute logo for a friend; so they'll be posted up soon!


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