Friday, 21 November 2014

Shiny Silver, Shiny Sloth's of Silver


It's been a while since I've posted—so I thought I'd treat you to a bit of craziness and cuteness that I've been working on recently. Which of course includes a sloth.

I was approached by talented all rounder Emma Whitaker for a new logo as I had already helped her with one of her projects before. She originally wanted to re brand herself to "Silver Linings Productions" but she was informed that it was already taken by a large company. So after a small amount of brainstorming we got to the idea that she loved Sloth's and still wanted a similar name—thus spawns the title "Silver Sloth Productions".

I started by making a Pinterest board for both of us to throw ideas on to, which began to include a range of logos, modern branding and strangely enough; sloth related jewellery. And although this had very little to do with a logo, it was made from silver and helped with main construction and shape of the logo.

So I started sketching and throwing around ideas, which eventually lead to me trying to create the logo with circles only (as I had seen a few people create logo's that way before).
But after a while of trying and testing, I found that it really didn't work for what she wanted and it was also a process that I haven't quite mastered. And that is when I got sent this great drawing.
I mean she is honestly an up-and-coming J.M.W Turner.

So after a prolonged chat through Facebook we decided that it should be similar to that style but still follow the idea of the circle shape, which quite quickly progressed into an almost finished idea.

I'm pretty happy with this, and I think it makes a cool logo. I also really like the versions and alterations I made to allow Emma to get some stickers printed that I will get posted on here as soon as I get on.
Thank you for the offer and chance Emma, and I hope to see this Sticker Slapped everywhere.


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