Sunday, 30 November 2014

The resurrection of correct spelling

As a wise man said only a few evenings ago "You are churning them out so fast you don't even have time to spell-check!" and to be honest, I'm still having a good chuckle at that.

So for the most recent poster, I tried my best to actually spell things correctly. I almost managed to get the year wrong, but Mark from The Birckyard managed to help me figure out which year it was actually supposed to be.

So for this one, I was doing a poster for a Stone Roses tribute band; which means expect lots of images of citrus fruits and 'Pollock-esque paintings'.

For this poster I wanted to make the poster remeble the iconic features of the band and their first album; using the tradmark abstract painting, overlayed fruits, strips of colour and for some reason—excessive amounts of gold text.

It proved a little difficult to work all these colours, images and iconography together but in the end I feel that it stands out and gets the main information across, although aesthetically I feel it's missing something.

And is there is a spelling mistake, let me know—because my spelling is shite and I be I've missed something on this poster too.


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