Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Act-Stravaganza—ged'it?

Well aren't I just a punny bugger, har har!
This post is an odd one, it's something I had never tackled before; it was a poster for an acting showcase. I haven't even made posters for the Drama students on campus, never mind for a full blown acting group! (but it was a good challenge)

To start with, I had no real port of reference as I hadn't done anything like this before, so I headed to go old google and new and sparkling Pinterest; of which I am very familiar with both of these so I made light work of finding some traditional drama and panto posters.

After a bit of chat back and forth with the director of the group, he explained although they are a traditional playhouse who preform in a traditional style; they would like a modern and bright poster.
So I set to work looking at Chip Kidd and Neville Brody and large inspirations, but after a bit of testing and playing around; I found adapting my style with modernism may be the best outcome.

After some testing this is what I had made and I was really quite happy with, but I was informed by both Paulie (director of the acting club) and the other half, that it just wasn't all that 'christmassy'.

And although I personally thought the image worked really well and I was really happy with the poster, they were right—it was an image that dominated the majority of the poster and it just didn't denote Christmas at all.

I really didn't want to change it, but at the end of the day, it's the clients choice and as much as I can advice or wish something would work, it sometimes just doesn't.

And after some deliberation on my half, I changed it and they were really quite happy with it.
And although I feel it's not as strong aesthetically, it is much stronger contextually because you instantly recognise it's relation to that dreaded date in December.


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