Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bad Manners, very poor manners indeed.

Recently, I have been working on a poster for the overly large, and large tongued band that is Bad Manners. And now I've been Ska'd for life. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha—I should be a comedian.
Anyway, It's been loads of fun designing this poster, and learning a bit more about the influences of Ska and the design style that came along with the genre.

As I already knew, Ska and Punk are quite closely linked—although I'm not completely sure why, so I decided the best way to tackle the poster was to work from what I already knew, so I made a hybrid of the two.

Once I had got a style and look, that I was happy with for the main structure of the image, I decided I would start by making the poster information almost exclusively out of sharpie markers and tippex; because there is nothing more punk than abusing office supplies. 

And then, I attacked it with a photocopier, like every good punk designer. And whilst operating the scanner, my good friend Nathan popped over to encourage me to mess with the settings and see what came out. After a short while I began making them into two-colour scans, which made some strange results—which were great but not suiting at all.

After all this, I looked at it and thought; "it's just too rough." What I wanted to get across is that the poster was made with bad manners, so I drew on his face and wrote over him as if there were to be little respect for him. But I felt the pens just made it too rough, that it didn't have the right impact; so once again I made a hybrid. This time of digital and manual construction and editing.

So this was the outcome, which I hope conveys that I made with poor manners, but also a respect for the culture and genre of the band, which had to of course include Buster Bloodvessle and his enormous tongue. So if anyone is thinking of going, I'll see you there as I'm planning on rocking out with my parents for one of the oddest Christmas holidays I've ever had.


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