Thursday, 16 October 2014

Laying out the law.


Well it's now a post about layouts, and I'll be honest—I'm loving this project.
It is a very short project as we've been given from Monday 13th until Thursday 16th, to create a range of editorial layouts using only cut out from magazines and papers, so basically previous editorial layouts. We have been given 8 tasks that are very open and have a set of rules such as a number of images to use, a style to make it or the amount of body copy to use; therefore making challenging but very free to open interpretation.

This is my first editorial, and it isn't very strong but it was require that me made a dynamic and dramatic change in scale of two images. So as I love to try and inject a little humour into my work, I thought Del Boy would make a great out-of-scale model.

This second layout had almost the same rules as the one about but instead of a dramatic change in images, it this time had to be in type. And upon making ideas I came up with this structure that I liked, but it wasn't all that dramatic so I did what every boring designer does and flipped some text upside down. It's not exactly amazing but at the same time it does work.

This one I have little to say about because it is very experimental, but one of the main structure rules for this layout is that it had to have two images and one of the said images had to bleed off the page. I would re-do this one as I'm not fully happy about it, but I do like how the image was dissected.

For this one, you had to have a block of colour and one page had to be centred whilst the other had to be aligned right or left, so I chose to align to the left on the right hand page. I used the bright pink to contrast with the dull images of the left hang side and with the little snippets of text and image; I wanted to make it slightly punk like. Despite how rough this is, I do like it.

Ah, here we go! Slowly getting better!
For this layout we had to make contrasts of white space, as one page was required to have lots of white space and the other to have as little as possible. So with this one, as well as making a layout, I made a little political comment of "Money is inside everyone" and I tried to make an illusion of reduced white space on the right hand page by making many areas dark or black.

And as you may be able to tell, we are slowly getting better and this one is really one of my favourites as it's complete monochrome and still makes a strong effect. For this one we had to include 5 areas of slender columned body text and two of wider bodied text, an image and a headline, and to me this is definitely the best outcome I could of made for that specific task.

This one has a few rules that I won't go into detail about but the main one was that an image was to be repeated for dramatic effect—and without knowledge I went slightly Constructivism on it, and I feel it works really well. I am really happy with this layout and will definitely use it in the not so far future.

And here we are le' finale, the last task in this project! For this one we were asked to create a repeated letterform, so I font a condensed 'DIN' looking font in about 12pt and used and abused it on the photocopier. I quite like the contrast of colours and scale, so I'm rather happy with this also!

I find that I'm not very good at layouts and this project but helped me display this to myself but also help me improve, as I found my last four layouts were much stronger than the first four. I feel this is due to giving myself an overnight break between the the first four and second four and that I had learnt more about them by experience for the last ones. I tried my hardest to also not look at other examples of editorial design thus not to be influenced and just to work of what is bouncing around my head.


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