Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Layouts a lá Finito

Honestly, I have no idea of what I wrote for the title. But I have finished my layouts project, which included photography and constant rules and grids in what seems like endless amounts of InDesign hell. Well it's not really hell, but my goodness, it's like a whole new world of structure and confusion.

All 36 in lovely un-viewable thumbnails

We started by being set a photography project, with some strict rules, set in groups of four. We had to have all four of us in every photo and each member in the group had a separate rule to stick to; mine was that we were not to include any faces. We were set to get 36 photos minimum, of which I got all mine in monochrome because I felt it was just a much nicer aesthetic and made it a little more challenging for me. As sometimes photography like this is tediously boring.

Once we had our images, we were then to use them to make layouts based on the ones we previously made from magazine cut outs—which was sort of the previous project but linked into this one.

I don't feel that I recreated some of the layouts to the same effect, but as a whole, I realise I am quite weak at editorial design and the things I created satisfied me and looked quite different from conventional layouts.

I got an alright grade, and I may just work back into them to make a stronger outcome, but whether I'll have the time or not is the question. We'll see children, we'll see!


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