Sunday, 14 December 2014

I'll throw my hands up, I'm a magpie

Recently, I designed myself a résumé for the chance to get some design work as my CV just doesn't cut it for me. As strong as I feel my CV is, it has no flair, no individuality and if I was wanting to hire a designer and someone handed it me—I'd yawn to death.

So I had a browse for some ideas to make a Résumé/CV and after trawling through literally hundreds of painfully dull and cringe-worthy designs, but after my hours of fighting I saw the holy grail, the light from the heavens and I absolutely loved the design. I thought it just looked so brilliant and so like what I would like to create.

I saved that image, alone in a folder and just stared at it for a bit, and I thought of how I could make something off that idea without stealing it; but it proved challenging, this man had thought of everything. Well, almost everything.

As I scan my film collection in disappointment of lack of inspiration what am I to see, only one of my favourite all time films. "The Grand Budapest". It hit me like a train. I saw some design concepts from the film that I had fan-girled over earlier this year, and I could merge those with this design to make a hybrid of two things that I feel are perfect, or as close to as humanly possible.

It's MAGPIE TIME! (which is ironic I call it that as I Magpie'd the term from Chip Kidd)

So instead of being a straight copy, I mixed the two to make myself happier because I love both concepts, and it just made me feel better, that I wasn't directly stealing from either.
So to cut to the chance, here's the final product.

I've got to be honest, I worry a little I've treaded a little too closely on the other designers toes – making the layouts so similar – but I'm really happy with it, I've already sent it off to one possible employer and if you are ever to see this (the original creator of the Résumé) and you feel I've ripped you off, I'll put my hands up, apologies and change it all, but otherwise—thank you for the inspiration!


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