Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Who let the horrendously terrifying hybrid dog out?


So, in previous weeks one of my projects was to design a dog from a fictitious breed as supplied to us by the tutors. The project was in two parts, one of which, for the first we all had separate breeds as assigned to us, and we had to make our own interpretations of the breed description we were given.
(in a 3D model)

I was given the secret agent dog, which had a long description (of which I won't read out to you) but it included rifles in the anus, bomb disposal genitalia, telescopic eyes and in my case; great camouflage.

So firstly we'll talk about the camouflage—long story short, whilst I was making the dog I had many comments that it looked like a turkey, and I started to realise that the traditional festive feast was becoming the dogs ultimate cosmetic fate.
After a quick brainstorm I realised this project was the last one before Christmas, and it would be really feckin' hilarious if I made a dog that look exactly like a turkey.

I make the dog, all the while looking more and more like some strange handicapped paper turkey; and then to rub salt into the wounds I then painted this terrifying freak of nature like a beautifully cooked turkey.

Then it struck me.

How do you present a secret agent dog that you painted like a turkey? Like it's on a Christmas mission of course! He was presented in a foil tray, surrounded in Brussels sprouts and 'Aunt Bessie's' roast tatties.

And there I am looking gormless as ever. You may be able to stop my dog perching on a set off festive veg.

So after the whole fiasco of making these bloody dogs, presenting them for judging at the first annual Grufts—we were then instructed to create some dangerous hybrid with another students breed, and to glorify this monster of modern science with an info-graphic of the features and traits on this 'thing'.

To be continued.


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