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Happy 2015! You lovely people.

Here to brighten up your hungover, extended festive morning is a blog post; a post about exactly what you want to read when all you can stomach is a bacon butty and your head feels like someone is playing Slipknot's Greatest Hits on your left-side lobe. It's a post about Silver Sloth Productions people!

And if you'll excuse this post being painfully late, I'll show you what I've been doing recently and why it has gotten me so excited.
Recently I have been helping my good friend Emma with her business cards, and of course because it's Emma – the girl who shaves half her hair off as a hair cut and named her media company after the world's most stupid creature – it couldn't just be run of the mill.

To start we spoke for a while about what she liked, and what the business card had to say or show. This quite quickly came to the point where she had drawn a blank and started oggling over colourful sticky notes, as they are her favourite variety of the mildly adhesive note family. As she pissed around with them, explaining how much she loves 'post-it' notes—the timid northern creature we know of as James Reay bellowed the words "POST-IT NOTE BUSINESS CARDS!"

We all looked at each other and within minutes a flurry of notes and sketches had been made, taking up a few pages of my Moleskine; and we had it, and rather cool idea, and rather cheap as well.
To make them I made the design for a stamp, of which Emma got custom made, helping make the process fast and cheap.

If you look closely at my messy desk you may be able to make out the stamp, next to some test prints and the roller (that I lovingly stole from Illustration Corner).

I've subtly added some arrows and a circle just in-case my bad desk organisation had you confused.
P.s. it's not always like that, I just don't have time to clean my desk when I'm on a roll (geddit?) or a good bit of inspiration has just come to me.

Here you can see my lovely assistant and client Emma, placing the business cards down on the desk to dry. You may also notice that desk is clean and clutter free, that is also because it isn't technically mine.

And here is a prime example of my desk. Crap everywhere, ideas everywhere. You may also be able to spot the local wildlife. But also you'll be able to spot two tests; one green, one pink, and they are there so we could see what the business card looked like in both states. 

By that I mean we designed it to work in two ways; firstly as your average sticky note it will stick on surfaces and you can use it to note reminders down on the back. But also, if you fold the paper along the black line in the centre, it then sticks to itself and becomes the shape of a mountain side with the logo standing dead centre.

And to jump ahead, for fear of constant waffling, here are the final products in the photography exhibition they were initially deadlined for. And personally, I think they are different, confusing, colourful and reflect Emma greatly. Good well done!


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