Sunday, 25 January 2015

Devonshire Street, keep those eyes peeled.

I've been rather busy with chalk in my hands, and it's bloody brilliant.

I got a message late late last week from the bar that sits just below my flat window on Carlisle's most drunk, yet somehow more middle-aged—Devonshire Street.
The bar in question is named M'Queens, as named after the illustrious 'bad boy' of the 20th century Steve McQueen. The bar comes across to me as a smart, classy and loud—which formed a basis for the letter-form styles I wanted to put on the Chalkboards.

Please excuse the DJ deck.

 Above is the first chalkboard I did, and more importantly, the first I've ever done in situe. I did just the titles for this chalkboard, although I was prompted to do the text for it. I declined, although it may have had more structure than how it stands at the moment, I know my current handwriting isn't very legible. In person the additions to the board don't look so bad, but on this image it does look a dab naff (sorry Rob).

Just so there isn't any confusion, I wrote the titles; Specials, Light Bites, Drinks Offers & DJ Every Night. I also drew the pointing hand, mega-phone and the accents.

And standing outside.

This is where it gets serious. So as I am finishing up the interior chalkboard, I can hear rustling behind me—it's Rob (the manager) cleaning up a free standing chalkboard for me. I think to myself; WOO MORE WORK! but then I hear the dreaded words "Can you get this done by tomorrow?".

T'other side
And would you believe it? I managed to do it and I'm pretty happy with it. 
I've got some more work on the books so until next time people. Keep your eyes to the skies.


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