Friday, 9 January 2015


New year, New design.

So as I bug Mark in the closing moments of 2014, I realise, it's a new year soon meaning I have an excuse to redesign the Motown & Soul posters. I didn't want to do a complete overhaul as I had already made branding for the posters for the evening of funky dancing and James Brown yelps.

For the new designs I wanted them to be quite similar to the previous posters, but I wanted to make a mix of modern design and design that was rife at the era of Motown's peak. 

For the modern design aspect I wanted to use the idea of the overlaying text, and also I have recently become mildly obsessed with using underlines after seeing Japanese designers use it all over zines and such like. For the old design style, I used colour washes and grain textures—of which I became crazy about after doing more in depth research of Blue Note Records for my website.

Overall I'm really happy with this and will continue to make more in the style, as both myself, Mark and the DJ for the night like it. Happy boy and keep your eyes peeled.


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