Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ado-be-Gone #4 - Dead Good

And it's the forth addition to my Ado-be-Gone series, on the forth day - I'm being pretty keen about this.

For this one, I wake up late on a Sunday after a long nights work and find myself once again bored by watching Lizard Lick Towing, which if you don't know what it is, you are missing out.
But after a few episodes and the feeling of being inanimate and the consumption of several cups of tea, I kicked my butt into action and got to it.

This time, I did not raid the kitchen cupboard, or even the bathroom sink. No this time I was much more heartless; I went to the two vases around the house and collect the flowers that I bought Gaby as a moving in present and began to violently hack at them with scissors and pose them on the kitchen floor.
Worry not, I was not that horrid, they were dead because she kills flowers faster than bird flu in a chicken coop.

I was not able to construct or think of any great puns for this type attempt so I went with the obvious and clear message about the flowers dying. I would make a poet reference and say they symbolise the passing of all life forms and the connection between the gifting of flowers in both situations of extreme joy and despair, but honestly, I'm not that pretentious or talented of a poet.

I used and abused the flowers to make this simple piece of type, which isn't as strong as the others but it has good structure and a good message. I tried to make it quite a condensed font with medium kerning, like a sort of Univers sans-serif type font but it is limiting with flowers as a medium.
But as a reflect they are not that bad of a medium to work with, it's just easier to have more than less.

Gosh darn, I do like the lights in my kitchen.

"Dead" - also staring a re-appearance of my feet and my perfectly centred mole.


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