Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Take that, leaflet!

This week, I saw a boring leaflet for The Brickyard that advertised which acts were on.
I looked at what I could do, and decided that I would do a simple re-design for the leaflet to would fit into their budget and free of charge because they don't need to fork out for design that isn't essential.

To be honest, I wanted to do some design anyway, because I was bored as heck.

So I took the leaflet home, and drew up some ideas and emailed Mark (contact at The Brickyard) about if I could help and what were the parameters for the leaflet. I found out that it was basically an out-of-budget item which had to be made as cheaply as possible, due to it only being for the people that didn't use the internet and wanted to know about the dates for certain acts.

Everything had to be monochrome, simple, cheap to print and easy to edit.
So I went to work on InDesign, looking at the website for inspiration and the design to keep the all the venues branding as a constant.
 I used free fonts and packaged it all together with no imagery so, at no point will the leaflet ever have any copyright issues.

Me and my centred mole attacking the boring leaflet.

And now although the leaflet is still very simple, and slightly boring, it's less boring that before and should gain a little more attention than before.

The leaflet folds into three on each grey fold line, so that there is maximised space on each side of the A4.

I know the monospaced font isn't the best for legibility but it follows the branding.


Jareay said...

That is really pretty sweet, dude.

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