Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tutor David Robert - Happiest man in the world

Recently I've seen the appearance of tutor and general IT mastermind David Robert become more and more frequent; both around the studio and in crit sessions. The thing with this is, the more you see Dave, the more apparent it is that he is possibly the happiest man in the world.

In the studio, I just expect to see him happy as he goes around fixing our Photoshop woes and making the circle of death disappear. But what you don't expect is seeing him at around 8pm on a winters Thursday night walking out of Co-op in shorts and flip flops, smiling ear to ear with a four pinter of milk in the pouring rain.

I would also like to add, that I am glad he is becoming a more prominent feature in the Grillust line up as he is obviously happier than any living soul, and I feel he is a strong member of the studio crit team. SCT for short. This is all assuming that he wasn't always he permanent feature in days past, as my knowledge of his presence is only from 9 months of education.

But finally, from all this I have drawn the conclusion he truly is the happiest man alive, and made this post in his honour.

Here are a few sample images of his happiness being exposed, with great amounts of pixalisation.

Even as a minuscule prop slave, Dave is still happy.


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