Monday, 28 July 2014

Another Chalkboard for y'all

This evening, I set myself up in the kitchen with a large floor cushion, chalk, pastels and a sketchbook.
I would do it in the front room but I was banned from doing them in the front room, due to the chalk dust falling into the carpet.

I had a sketch I did a while ago that I wanted to turn into something real, so realising I had a few hours free this evening, I set myself up and set to it. I got the idea for the layout from some French typography I saw on the internet, I really liked the layout and decided to make my own version of it.

I made this very simple, but eye-catching for a passer by, to instantly grab their attention; whilst drawing the main attention to "beer". If you haven't already noticed, I am making these as ideas for the pub I'm working at, as they lent me the chalkboard to practise on.

Don't you be spying at the boxes under our stairs.
I mean it home slice, some seriously cool stuff in there.
Not really, it's a hoover box kept for the warranty.


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