Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Playing with fire - 100th Post

Well writing this I am rather excited, rather excited indeed.
Since creating this blog I've had a lot more inspiration and attention from the world, even though it started slow, rubbish and unpopular.

I really kicked it into gear when I started this first year of University after sporadic amounts of posting through the years, and from there I found that a few friends and anonymous people around the world started to enjoy reading my online waffling and Photoshop tests.

Now that I've reached my 100th post, and I've got a total of 6940 views on my blog, I can honestly say that I so happy with the progression I have made, and the presence I am creating for myself both on the internet and the industry. If you have visited my blog a hundred times before, once before or this is the first time; thank you.

So to commemorate reaching this milestone not only in University, but in my blog and my progression in design I want to make a special 100th post self-initiated brief; and this project will be (drum roll please) Ado-be-Gone.

My idea about Ado-be-Gone is that I realise I spend too much of my designing time on Adobe products, and especially when I am creating typography, which I should really spend more time practising without the aid of Photoshop or Illustrator.

The brief is simple: create as much typography as I can without the aid of Adobe products or even using them at all, and hopefully throwing in some satire and puns along the way.

And this ladies and gentlemen is my first post for this brief and my first bit of type play that I will grace your eyes with.

For this one, I used matches due to the fact that we bought matches the other day but ended up with about 10 packets for 80 pence, so I thought I'd make use of the abundance of fire sticks.
Big up the 'pink socks, pink chair' crew

"You fire me up!" Get it? (Warning: I'm bloody hilarious)


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