Sunday, 10 April 2016

SweVin 10: Coffee, Hornstull & Ramen

We are always on the hunt for Ramen, even in Sweden.

I did not want to start my day without Coffee today, or more specifically, without visiting a shop recommended to me, Drop Coffee. It was both expensive and lovely. I had the standard blend, which was anything but standard—it was slightly fruity but also stronger than a mule. Good choice, good start.
Hopefully, reading this right now is Señor Scott. He lived within Stockholm for two years, so he knew a good few spots to recommend to me. Drop Coffee was both my closest and my most desired recommendation of his. It's worth mentioning that a lot of the things I've done or still want to do have come to me through a recommendation from El Señor.  So I'd like to extend a little thank you to him. Thank you Robbie.

Graffiti has a black letter twist in Stockholm, and I totally dig it.
On with the day! So, coffee in hand, we wandered down to Hornstull to have a browse on their waterfront market. It's only really a short trip from where we are staying, so it wasn't a bother walking over there at all. Along the waterfront is a large mixture of things to purchase; street food, antiques and some slippers that an elderly man is desperately trying to flog. It's a beautifully strange mixture of utter crap and interesting oddities.

Like a horse, we stop for two things; Food and Poop. This time, we had stopped for food. Grilled Halloumi burgers, in fact. They were goooooooooooooooood! Food eaten, we wandered in search for Ice Cream, or as the Swede's call it Glass. We hadn't been searching for all that long when we stumbled upon a small, stone ridden park. It was built around the large limestone (I think it was limestone) deposits that reside within the space of the park; so we climbed a small hill and plonked ourselves down on the floor.
It's worth mentioning that today; it was lovely, lovely weather. So; in the sun, on some rocks there was Me, Gabriella, Our Coats and the surrounding spiders and bugs—it was horrendously pleasant.

Who just abandons crutches? How did they walk away from this?
We eventually got too warm and remembered we were in fact on the hunt for Glass. We were dyeing for the idea of some cool, cold, lovely ice cream. But we managed to get sidetracked again; this time it was Beyond Retro. We looked through isles and isles of denim jackets, bought sunglasses and a hat; then once again realised we wanted Ice Cream.

Eventually, you'll be happy to know we actually got Ice Cream. It was good ice cream, and we even to got chat to some lovely elderly lady in the line. She had terribly broken English, and we really can't construct a sentence of Swedish, but she was happy to chat the whole while anyway. You'll never see this, but it was lovely meeting you; friendly lady from the Glass shop.

ANNNNNNYWAY. We got home, Melanie (our host) booked us a table at a ramen house, we grabbed our stuff and had possibly the best Ramen I've had for a long time. It was totally vegi too!
I am now full on beer, Ramen broth and junk food. What a great way to end a Sunday; which is still the best day of the week for me.


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