Thursday, 7 April 2016

SweVin 7: Window Display

I spent all day in window, though nobody asked to buy me.

My window front workspace for the day.
Yesterday I was being a little moody, a little lonely and a little sad; today it was all different. I did not lock myself away in the meeting room—I was sat on the kitchen floor, in front of the window, making the floor my work station. I was in a hub of activity, be it Swedish activity.

On the floor, cross legged in front of a range of coloured papers, vegetables and fruits. All day I could here endless Swedish conversation, floating over the top of the music being played from a near by bluetooth speaker. It was a strange thing to here because in the mixture of jazz and indie music, I would often hear a song or word that I may recognise, jarring the whole numbing effect of hearing a noise that I can recognise but not understand; the Swedish language.

In the kitchen with me were the two devishly clever fellows who have been doing interesting coding things all week, and as they work on these together, of course they talk and share ideas. As they talk, they talk in Swedish but all coding language is written in English, so every now and then I would here 'Centre Left' or 'Javascript' swim it's was through the 'oo's and 'eih's of the Swedish tongue.

Today, I really enjoyed myself. As you can see from above, I spent all day playing with food (sorry mum) and it was fantastic fun. Above is an image from one of the compositions I made today, of which I made four separate ones; five if you count the one that was a bit crap.

As I left the studio today, it was tipping it down; but with heavy rain, peaking sunlight and Hawaiian funk and soul in my ears, it was a strange and fantastic.

As I spent more time here, I realise how much I like what I'm doing. I may possibly just be what I've been assigned that is fun, but the fact I have the chance to have the freedom and creativity I'm having in this internship shows a great sign of trust and creativity. I'm in a city, that in my mind operates better design and  structure than London without the shithead-ness that comes with having to try and exist in said city.

I have no beer to review for you this evening, but as an observation—Vincent's Swedish Observation #1 is that everyone in this city has time for you. I am english and can only speak stupidly simple Swedish, but the second someone realises this, they bring out their English and help this little curly haired tourist as much as they possibly can do.

A second point to this is that when me and Gabriella visited a museum yesterday, I was asked whether I was waiting for an interview because I accidentally sat in the wrong seat. I was asked whether I was a refugee, as they were offering a service for refugees that have escaped to Sweden to be paired with a local citizen, so that they needed feel lonely or alone in their new country.
We offer safety for refugees in Britain but here in Sweden, they offer humanity. And that is important.


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