Friday, 15 April 2016

SweVin 15: Final Fridays

Fridays are always the end of something, the week, the month—my internship.

Last day of with this bad boy.
 Today, was Friday; it was also the end of my internship. That totally sucked.
I thought, seeing as it was my last day I would get cinnamon buns (kanelbullar) for everyone. So here I am, trotting along happily, in the sun with roughly eight buns in a little paper bag; oblivious to the terrible fate that was awaiting me. Nothing bad actually happened, I just got the studio for the last time, I realised that my fate was that I would only leave the door that day, not to return on the Monday.

Today, I worked on posters here there and around but mostly I worked on my Raspberry Pi.
Now, with a lot of help and three days practice, I can run all basic commands, wirelessly transfer any and all files and program small shell scripts—if none of this really makes any sense, I've spent many days learning how to make it take an image every two minutes and send it to my website, whilst operating a fully functional live stream.

After quite a morning of horrendously painful headaches, fear inducing realisations and more coffee than my body should ever try to sustain; I thought I'd organise somewhere to meet Gaby for lunch. Previously we've gone to great places to eat, terrible places to eat but this time I wanted to go somewhere bizarre. So I checked my official recommendation list from Mister Scott and I came across a place that only serves Hummus, not meals with hummus, just hummus.

It's supposed to say Hummus, but I have no idea how you pronounce Reggev
So 1o'clock rolled on round, and myself and Gabriella storm off to eat lots of Chick Pea based foods. We get there, order our dishes (of which I wasn't really sure of what we'd ordered) and peacefully wait for our food. Now we were expecting lots of vegetables and bread, to mix with a small amount of hummus, but we were so darn wrong. To our table arrived two pasta bowls filled with hummus, a small amount of veg and three pita breads—there is no way on earth that any single human could eat all of this delicious hummus. Well actually the guy just behind us did, and with half the speed.

It was a really strange way to have lunch, but I did enjoy it greatly.
When I got back, it was right back to working on the Pi, and furiously questioning the two guys sat with me about any Swedish music I could sink my teeth into; which they did in fact give me lots of recommendations, and were totally lovely about it.

It got towards 5pm in the afternoon, after hours of tweaking, fixing and breaking. It was time for me to leave. I gathered all my items, and said a large thank you and goodbye to the whole PJADAD crew and left the door, it locking behind me as it always did. Walking down the road, I felt more and more sad; realising that I've had a lovely time and it would no longer continue.

Good bye pretty sign, good bye sunshine.
Feeling crap, I wandered in my own pity. Looking around me, as if to map the location if I were to never see it again. Furiously messaging Gaby in which to find myself some company, to drive out of my own sadness; but as I look up, I can see a smiling, fringe covered face walking directly towards me.

A quick hug, and some more self pity, I was instructed to close my eyes. Now this could go two ways, I could be getting a present or I could get public humiliation—luckily it was a fantastic Swedish jazz LP that I had been lusting over for the previous week.

So if it's not obvious, we leave tomorrow and I've had a lovely time. So if you ever happen to read this, thank you very much PJADAD & Co; it's been a blast.

^ Thanks Johan.


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