Saturday, 2 April 2016

SweVin 2: 22nd day of Birth


We woke up this morning on Gabriella's 22nd birthday, so of course we had to do something cool! So today we went to a Moomin museum, looked at tonnes of nude photographs and eat so much vegetarian food that we could possibly be rabbits.

We started the day with a long breakfast with Melanie and her lovely little son Jasper, then packed our bags and headed for Photografiska, Stockholm's contemporary photography museum. Entry was about £10 each after a good ten minute wait, and it was totally worth it.
The photography was fantastic and extremely varied, but that wasn't even the best bit—it's branding and typography was brilliant; I've been noticing tonnes of great design but this was in a league of it's own.

Firstly, look at that beautiful specimen! Also, Gaby is pretty hot too. 
I am so happy to see branding for something photography based that isn't a camera or a straight-forward aperture symbol. The monogram is both a logo and a logotype and they adapt it really, really well. The outside of the monogram is made of 'F's (if you hadn't noticed) and they split those apart to suit any given space that it needs to work within; and look at that matching serif typeface. Ooooooooooooo baby!

The branding was strong, but the type was incredible. The in-house typography was a straight forward simple serif, and each exhibition space had it's own typeface and type styling. The above images are for the exhibition hall for an artist that worked heavily with digital manipulation and forced perspective, so of course the type matches that. An excellent piece of design, for an excellent museum.

After Fotografiska, went skedaddled off to Herman's Vegetarian Buffet to eat more curry and lasagne than out stomachs should ever really handle, but it was goooooooood. With stomachs full enough to roll to the next destination, we headed toward Junibacken, a museum about Tove Jansson and Moomins; so of course it was pretty cool.

If looking at her early sketches and characters wasn't enough, we then ended up crawling around children's play areas, designed to look like those depicted in her stories and going on some crazy hydraulic gondola tour, going through one of the most impressive model tours I've ever seen.
This place was a wonderland for children, and being a fully grown adult; I felt a little too tall for the first time in my life, but this didn't change a thing on my enjoyment scale.

From then on we wandered forever, rode a tram and had a little Fika.
Now, we are in the kitchen drinking alcohol and Lemsip because I've been a sniveling mess all day, talking with Melanie and trying to decompress from Gaby's action packed birthday.

Also, here is some hair that was just on the floor.


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