Friday, 8 April 2016

SweVin 8: Things can only get Petter

Action station; Friday edition.
It's not like things need to get better, they are going brilliantly well. I've found myself slowly relaxing and fitting into the strange Swedish office that is PJADAD. I don't have a clue what's going on or what's being said, but there is a strange gut feeling when you realise that it starts to make sense, starts to feel right. There is something that buzzes around this strange studio, and slowly, I'm starting the catch onto it.

Today, whilst I was organising people to sit upon a banana, I heard a few cheers and a loud voice exclaiming "Wincent!". Stood above me, was a man in a long coat, with mad hair and moderately strong English; it was Petter. He had returned from his trip over in America, and was back in the studio game to help art direct a photoshoot.

The poor man was both present and not present at all. He looked like he had slept for about -3 hours, and was here to run the gauntlet, with all legs crippled though a smile still on his face. He ran around, receiving hugs and shaking hands whilst downing more coffee than any Swede would really want admit to.

Today, I made roughly four compositions and I am really rather proud of them. I was breaking eggs, cutting avocados and throwing around random bits of fruits. Whilst cutting away at a bit of cucumber, I noticed something. Without Petter, the studio is chilled, quiet and busy; with Petter it is all that but definitely not quiet.

SweVin Beer Review: Leaky Bucket.
Best of the supermarket ale so far, good hops & cool bottle. 8/10
After a bit of work, I spoke to Petter and explained I was hoping to visit Moderna Museet this evening; so he let me leave a little early, the babe that he is.

So when I got home, we grabbed some pizza and headed off out. Whilst out we did more walking than my feet would ever admit to, but more importantly before that I got some crazy ass pizza.
I had a 'Tropicana' pizza, which is a pizza topped with Banana, Pineapple and Curry—sounds horrendously weird, tastes beautifully strange.


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