Sunday, 3 April 2016

SweVin 3: Sunday Funday

Lloyds in England is boring, Lloyds in Sweden is beautiful.

Today is Sunday, the last day before the first day. I start my internship tomorrow but that's a sleep away, so I thought I'd make the most of today.

We had out breakfest, we grabbed our stuff and we grabbed the tube. We were heading over to Hornstull today, to visit the waterside market. Accordingly we've arrived at the right time, as the market has just re-open for spring time. The market felt a little like that of the ones in Camden, though on a much smaller scale; there was a massive amount of street food up for grabs and it was busier than a Primark sale in the north.

After scouring some records, fiddling with some old metal tat and looking at the weird purchasables of Stockholm. As I've found out, the market for second hand goods in Sweden is massive, so for most people this was the best place to get some great discount shoes. 

I didn't buy anything but I could smell food. So, under Gaby's recommendation we looked for the food stall with the longest cue, because when it comes to food—the locals ALWAYS know best. We stood for around 15 minutes, being bombarded with smoke clouds of sweet smells waiting for our Falafel wraps. Oh boy, they were FAAAAAAAANTASTIC!

After a quick sit down, we decided to get ourselves lost. We headed into the local park, pondered around until we were surrounded by this cute plots of land. They were a cross between a cottage, a chalet and an allotment; they were bizarre and in such high quantity. It was lovely!

Fika Fika Fika
We eventually found our way, and ended up on a main high street leading back to our accommodation; but on the way, we found a little shop that we'd never seen before but felt strangely familiar. We bumbled into the little shop which was filled to the ceiling with titter tatter and items laden in dust. It was a tiny little shop, filled with woolen jackets, tin pans and more ornaments than a pagen's fireplace—miles from England but it felt like home. It reminded me of Mr. David McGovern, it felt like we'd fallen right back into Strawberry Fields, Strawberry Fields Forever.

For those of you not in the know, Strawberry Fields was Carlisle's best and worst vintage shop and I loved it dearly. In this little shop, we fished around until we came across two little Dalahast figurines. As seen in the image above, the Dalahast is a small wooden, hand painted figure that is in the shape of a horse and a traditional Swedish gift. We got two vintage figures, at a steal! So we celebrated with Fika (of course)

That is that, the day is over and I'm dead excited for tomorrow.


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