Monday, 11 April 2016

SweVin 11: Have a slice of Pi

I gave in, I bought myself a slice. I bought myself a Raspberry Pi—and it's going to be cool.

Have I actually shown you where I'm working; because it's pretty sweet.
Now it's not going to be cool in it's natural sense; it's not a radical flip over a flaming dumpster, but to me, it's pretty darn cool indeed. I've been talking with the guys within the studio for days now, about how they built their 'live streamers' through a Raspberry Pi module, and since bringing it up, I've been dying to make my own.

After a generous offer, I've plunged in purchasing an Pi module, a simple case and camera in which to create my own with the guys through this last week of my internship; and this excites me greatly.Any how, my day today was a little all over the place. I spent all day at the desk, on a computer but felt like I achieved almost nothing. I, in fact, sorted quite a few details for the exhibition I'm working on, sorted my council tax and developed the posters I'm working on.

For the day, I had been set the task to sort out another photo shoot but through what I was working on; I just could not grasp at any good idea to roll with. I planned, I research and I looked over all my ideas—after 14 photoshoots I found it really difficult to turn myself from my ideas to produce something new. I spent most my day, trying to break from this cycle but with no success.

Tomorrow, Petter will be back in the studio, and with any luck he may be able to point me into the right direction; as I didn't want to make any movement without being sure it was even in the correct direction. It's probably not the most creative approach, but it just seemed the correct one for me today.

SweVin Beer Review: Saison D'etre (Season to be)
Strong, Floral and a well rounded Saison Ale. Also have various bugs humping on it's label. Very enjoyable, and eco-friendly – 9/10

After a slightly productive day, I left an hour early in which to catch Kjell & Company before they closed. If you are not from Sweden, or do not care for tech items—Kjell & Company is the shop in which you can purchase any and every gadget, including Raspberry Pi items.

From there, I went to the System Bolaget to also grab myself some Beers, three in fact. Two of which you are seeing right here, one is staying in the fridge for tomorrow. Saving the best until last.

SweVin Beer Review: Hale to Nothing
A nice, small, pale ale. Well done, but nothing all that special. The screw top makes drinking a little strange, due to it's ridges – 7/10
All in all, I've had a good day because I am really enjoying my internship, but it did feel like one of those day where everything you do drives you forward on the scale of progress, but you only move in the smallest baby steps. Tiny step by tiny step.


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